Noble Vines TheONE Black Red Blend Wine 750 ml


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 we chose vine stocks with diverse origins – California (Zinfandel and Teinturier Rubired), Bordeaux (Merlot), the Rhone Valley (Syrah), and France (Petite Sirah). A small but defining component in TheONE Black is Petite Sirah, which is also the ‘secret weapon’ in some of Napa Valley’s most highly esteemed wines. This relatively new variety is a crossbreed between Rhone varieties Syrah and Peloursin, created by French nurseryman Francis Durif in the 1870s. Petite Sirah’s only ‘petite’ characteristic is the compact size of the berries. It was planted in California in the late nineteenth century to lend structure and body to the widely grown Zinfandel blends that were popular at the time. How pleasing it is that these varieties come together again, in Noble Vines highly expressive TheONE Black

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